Supplies For Art Classes

Here you'll be able to find information about all supplies I'm currently using during my watercolor workshops. I created this page mostly for my students, hope it's helpful. Enjoy!

Watercolor Paints.

All information I share here is based on my personal experience. If you prefer different brands or colors please don't get offended. I'm open to trying other products. For that reason, the lists below can be changed any day. I like to stay flexible.
Watercolor Paints
Here is the list of colors I've got in my palette today:
  1. Azo Yellow Light, (Van Gogh)
  2. Yellow Ochre, (Van Gogh)
  3. Cadmium Orange, (Da Vinci)
  4. Light Oxide Red, (Van Gogh)
  5. Sepia, (Van Gogh)
  6. Permanent Red Light, (Van Gogh)
  7. Permanent Red Deep, (Van Gogh)
  8. Quinacridone Rose, (Van Gogh)
  9. Permanent Blue Violet, (Van Gogh)
  10. Ultramarine Blue, (Da Vinci)
  11. Cobalt Blue, (Sennelier)
  12. Phtalo Blue, (Van Gogh)
  13. Cerulean Blue (Phtalo), (Van Gogh)
  14. Indigo, (Van Gogh)
  15. Turquoise Green, (Sennelier)
  16. Olive Green, (Van Gogh)
  17. Ivory Black, (Van Gogh)
  18. Chinese White, (Van Gogh) (or any white gouache or tempera will work)
* Pay attention to the Lightfastness (I is the strongest one and it's the only one I use)
* Check out pigment information on a tube or online description. I'm doing my best to use single-pigmented paints. Although I'm using two-pigmented paints sometimes, my goal is to switch to single pigments whenever I find the right colors.
* Look for professional brands, it should say "Artists" in the description. The only exception I know is "Van Gogh" semi-professional brand. The paints feel like professional, a lot of them are songle-pigmented, and a lot of them have excellent lightfastness.
* Ask me if you have questions and if I know the barand or paint I'll be happy to tell you about it.

I will add information about brushes soon!